The Political Economy of the Media: A Critical Perspective | Dr. Luis V. Teodoro

Dr. Luis V. Teodoro

DR. LUIS V. TEODORO is a retired journalism professor of the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Mass Communication (UP-CMC), of which he was Dean for two terms (1994-2000). Prior to his deanship he was thrice chair of the UP-CMC Journalism Department. He is currently a professional lecturer at UP-CMC, where he has taught a graduate course on the political economy of the mass media and contemporary issues in communication. It was during his deanship that two departments of UP-CMC – the Department of Journalism and the Department of Communication Research – were first named Commission on Higher Education Centers of Excellence.

He held a number of professional chairs before his retirement from UP as a full professor of journalism. He conceptualized and raised the initial funds for the construction of the College of Mass Communication Media Center, the cornerstone of which was laid during his deanship of the College.

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