How to use the Request Form
  • Step #1

    Choose between the two services form what suits your needs. If your event needs MC staff during the event, pick the service number 1. If you just want to book the MC studios or want to have access to our Zoom Pro Account only, pick the latter one.
  • Step #2

    Choose the service you want to reserve. A dropdown menu will be shown once you click the services button. For services that do not need technical assistance, you will see another dropdown menu which is the specific service. Choose your specific service among the given choice. Do not choose ANY Specific Service, as this will not give you the right calendar for your request. Then press continue.

  • Step #3

    Pick the date and time you need the service. Note that you can only reserve the service if it is available to the date you want to you the service. If it is not highlighted, that means that the date is already reserved. After clicking the date and time click continue.

  • Step #4

    Fill up the form. Then submit. You will be notified in your email once your request has been approved.

Service Request Forms
Requests for MC Services Needing Technical Assistance
Request for MC Services Without Technical Assistance
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