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Conversation Series

About the Conversation Series

The Conversation Paper Series is UPOU’s attempt to capture and share innovative ideas that could impact the way teaching and learning is carried out through open and distance learning (ODL) as well as on the operations of ODL institutions. UPOU, as the lead institution in ODL in the country and in the region, hopes to spark a conversation on salient topics that are seen to have policy and operations implications by publishing these research-based ideas as an open education resource (OER) both in print and digital formats. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA) publishes these papers as initially presented in various academic venues conducted by the university as well as from empirical studies funded under UPOU’s and other external research grants. Invited papers are those that are research-based with strong empirical basis that could serve as a trigger for further conversation in the continuing discourse in open and distance learning.

About the Cover

The interconnected vertices represent the expansion of ideas as it originates from one point to the next leading up to a continuous complex exchange and production of knowledge through academic discourse between and among ODeL practitioners. The hue blue represents consciousness, knowledge, expansiveness, and inspiration which the series aims to convey.
Operalizing the Institutional Vision Statement of the UPOU
Dr. Felix R. Librero
The Changing Profile of UPOU Graduate with the Changing Modes of Delivery: A GIS-Based Analysis
Dr. Ricardo Bagarinao
Open and Distance e-Learning
Shaping the Future of Teaching and Learning Edited by Grace Javier Alfonso and Primo G. Garcia





From Centers to Hubs
Reconceptualizing UPOU Learning Centers Edited by Dr. Melinda F. Lumanta and Dr. Joane V. Serrano





A Participant-Observer’s Journey By Felix Librero




Through their Voices… Through the Years
Thought Papers of UPOU Chancellors Edited by Dr. Melinda F. Lumanta

Edited by: Melinda F. Lumanta and Liza C. Carascal