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Don’t Try This At Home
Antonio Ayson

DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME is about two high school students, Kody and Cho, friends and wrestling fans who like to imitate wrestlers. One afternoon, they imitate a superkick but Kody accidentally kills Cho in the process. Kody attempts to hide the body before his parents come home. He manages to slip through their yaya, however, he is too late and his parents catch him. His mom faints, but his dad ends up helping him hide the body.

ANTONIO AYSON is a 19-year old BA Film student who aspires to be an editor. A fan of Edgar Wright and Japanese animation, he is also an avid gamer and loves electronic music. Loves rendering, hates the multiple times Premiere crashes.

MAIKLING PELIKULA is a program featuring outstanding and award-winning short films. Likewise to be featured will be a discussion and annotation by the director-filmmaker. The program will highlight the experimental and narrative genres of film.

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