Wika at Kultura | Mr. Felicisimo G. Galletes, Jr.

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In this short video resource, Mr. Felicisimo G. Galletes Jr. introduced the GE Course, “Wika at Kultura” or most known as “Wika, Kultura at Lipunan” or Wika 1. Mr. Felicismo G. Galletes is an instructor in Filipino from the  Department of Language, Literature and the Arts of the College of Arts and Communications in the University of the Philippines Baguio. Galletes Jr. introduced the topic and its vast scope. The correlation between language and culture resulted in societal events that made people with different cultures intertwine. In this period, people started the concept of borrowing words and transforming them from different languages. One of the examples is how Tagalog and Iloko identify rice and wheat. Though Galletes Jr. adapts a known notation of language and culture, “Wika ang daluyan ng kultura at ng pagsasakultura” (Salazar, 1996). When translated, language is the medium of culture and the cultivation of culture.



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