About the Cover

Quality assurance can be described as the systematic, structured, and continuous attention to quality in terms of maintaining and improving quality which is portrayed  by the continuous improvement symbol. The bars, which connotes “support” and/or “barrier”, embodies the access, inclusivity, and equity that underpins and/or challenges the continuous improvement of an open and distance e-learning (ODeL) institution. The superimposed icons positioned at the bars signify some aspect of a technology-enhanced learning—ODeL’s primary components. To contextualize the icons used in this cover, the bulb with the puzzle pieces symbolize excellence and critical thinking; the document with the key and the hands holding up a shield denotes data security, the laptop and cellphone symbolize technology and connectivity important to ODeL; the e-mail, download folder, and webpage symbolize access. The binary numbers on the background represent the direction of UPOU’s QA initiatives and intellectual discourse towards an analytics-based evaluation approach for continuous improvement.

The University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) presents “Quality Initiatives in an Open and Distance e-Learning Institution: Towards Excellence and Equity”. The book outlines the evolution of the concept of quality in higher education and how it has been applied in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and identifies relevant issues in a technology-enhanced education system. It also compiles the thoughts, practices, and initiatives of the University of the Philippines Open University, as an Open and Distance e-Learning (ODeL) institution, in achieving quality education under an open education philosophy which promotes inclusivity through universal accessibility, equity, and openness.

Quality Initiatives in an Open and Distance e-Learning Institution: Towards Excellence and Equity


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