FASTLearn Episode 31 – What is Ethics and Governance?

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What is ethics and governance?

So, what is ethics? It usually refers to the standards of behavior or norms of conduct. It is determined and generally accepted by the society as just and right, or unjust and wrong. So, it is aimed at the improvement of the integrity of an individual’s relationship with the society for the promotion of the common good.

So governance is more than just the government. So it is just one of the pillars or the three sectors of government. One is the government or the public sector. Tayo yun sa gobyerno. 

And the second one is the business or yung private sector. We refer to them yung mga big businesses, yung mga small businesses na nakikita natin. 

And the third pillar is the civil society or sometimes referred to as a third sector, or the non-profit sector or voluntary sector. So, the civil society group, they refer usually to faith-based organizations, they could be people’s organizations, it could be labor unions. 

So, these are the groups that participated in governance. So, we can say that it’s not only government, but governance, which involves the three sectors. And when we talk about government and good government, we also refer to it as good governance.

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