UP TALKS | Boat-Building Traditions | Dr. Maria Bernadette L. Abrera


Dr. Maria Bernadette L. Abrera

DR. MARIA BERNADETTE L. ABRERA is a Professor of History at the University of the Philippines Diliman and is presently the Chair of the Department of History. She obtained her BA in History from St. Scholastica’s College, and her MA History and PhD Philippine Studies from the University of the Philippines. Her research interests focus on cultural history and the indigenous knowledge system, with particular emphasis on folk religion and rituals, her thesis being on Philippine amulets and her dissertation on the indigenous boat building technology.

She has written on pre-colonial Philppines, particularly on the status of women, and on aspects of Philippine Church history. She headed an ethnohistorical research project on the traditional boat building among the Sama –Tausug in Tawi-Tawi and has written on the cultural aspects of the boat in Philippine history.

Dr. Abrera is part of Oceanides, an international scientific research project on the importance of the sea in the major states of evolution of peoples. She is co-author of a college textbook on Philippine history, Kasaysayang Bayan, and served as president of ADHIKA, a national professional organization for historians and history enthusiasts.


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1 Comment

  • Leah Medado

    Thank you so much Dr. Abrera for your contribution to our Philippine cultural history and knowledge system studies. I am historical and cultural guide from Butuan City, also a UP Cebu alumna and now based in the US currently designing tour narratives in connection with the ‘Butuan Boats’ or the Balangays as they are known. Information and insights learned from your presentations really helped my research a lot. Will be launching these tours in the global market soon.

    Again daghan salamat sa imo. Madiyaw!

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