Climate Change and Women | Ms. Toni Leigh Suzuki-Ilagan

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In her presentation, Ms. Toni Leigh Suzuki-Ilagan, a climate activist, opens the conversation about climate change and its effects on women; as well as their role in the matter. Suzuki-Ilagan starts with telling that climate change has been going on for a long time, however, there has always been a lack of sustainable solutions. Correspondingly, there has also been gender inequality towards women in STEM, given no ability to make a decision or initiate conversations regarding this issue. The struggles of women are very much rooted in oppression, which makes women who suffer in areas extremely affected by climate change have no say in this issue amid environmental degradation. Suzuki-Ilagan says that we must advocate for the inclusion of women and all genders, not only in the conversation of climate change, but also for other injustices in the world. She ends her discussion by stating that we can be part of climate action, as well as support women in their own causes, businesses and spaces.


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