FASTLearn Episode 29 – The Connection Between La Niña and Climate Change

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How does climate change affect the severity of La Nina?

I don’t know if at present the scientific community has actually established the relationship between La Nina and climate change, but I think there are some potentials. For example, the occurrence of La Nina phenomenon is caused by strong trade winds, and this wind circulation is usually affected by the temperature because when we have differential heating of the earth’s surface, cold wind usually would drop down and the hot winds or warm winds usually goes up and that will make circulation, the wind circulation. 

And if you have an increase in global temperature, that circulation might be affected. And once it would have an increase in terms of the intensity of wind circulation, then the trade winds, for example, would also be strengthened. And not only that, it might also be affected in terms of its frequency.

And because there is a change in the frequency of these strong trade winds, then you would also expect a change in the frequency of the currents of La Nina. And not only that, it would also have a change in terms of intensity of precipitation patterns. And if that would take place, then you would also have changes in the strength of the typhoons, for example, which would cause flood change and rainfall patterns and so on and so forth. But as of this time, I think it would still have to be established in terms of the relationship between the two.

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