FASTLearn Episode 28 – The Impacts of La Niña

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How do we prepare for La Niña after the El Niño season?

La Nina usually is characterized by lower than normal air pressure over the Western Pacific. And we know that when there is a lower pressure, it would somehow cause an increase in rainfall. And sometimes strong typhoons would take place because of the presence of low pressure area. 

And because of that, this increased rainfall would bring about floods, landslides, typhoons, and these are the things that we’re going to prepare during La Nina. And in terms of preparing for the impacts of La Nina, we would somehow go back to our disaster preparedness plan. And one of which may be the preparation for ready-to-eat food and water at least for three days, clothing and also medicine, especially if we have some members of the family who is sick.

And if we have babies, for example, in the family, then we have to have food for these babies. And sometimes we also need to consider the things that might take place even beyond these landslides, typhoons, and floods. 

And for example, we need to have some copies of the emergency numbers of our municipality so that in case of emergency, we have someone to call to, and all other parts of the disaster preparedness plan of the family or maybe of the institution that we’re working with.

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