FASTLearn Episode 13 – Exploring Laws of Well-Being and Psychosocial Assistance

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Is there a law that promotes the well being of the people? 

Yes, actually I’m very glad that we have this law now. Recently, it was passed by the former President Duterte. This is Republic Act No. 11036. That is an act that established a national mental health policy for the purpose of enhancing the delivery of integrated mental health services to make it accessible. So we have to promote and protect the rights of person that they are entitled to some kind of services that will attend and address their psychosocial well being 


What is Psychosocial Support?

Well psychosocial support actually is a service or a program that is at the macro level. It has different stages. It’s where at the first layer we have to provide protection and provide basic services. In the second layer you have to address the psychosocial reaction because people who are suffering to any kind of trauma they will have this different kind of reaction behavioral, Physical reactions, Emotional reactions, cognitive reactions so to be able to manage this people should know handle it and this is where we try to help them by training people so that specially practitioner, they will be able to help this people who are suffering at least to mitigate the impact of the critical event and then another here which is a at the tip of this framework we have this pyramid, specialized training is needed for those who are really having some kind of personality disorder not necessarily psychosis but at least they need someone who has specialization in terms of addressing this kind of problem psychosocial support is a big program and under it we have the psychological first aid.

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