FASTLearn Episode 7: Educational Media Production Challenges and Experiences


In your experience, which phase of multimedia development tends to pose the most challenges?

Actually, all the production phases are challenging. Each phase has its own unique set of challenges. However, on my experience, the most challenging part is the production phase, as the production processes involves many human and non-human resources. So these resources actually interact with each other. 

So example, when you are shooting video clips in the natural setting, let’s say a 5-minute video clip; this may actually require 3 to 4 hours to do. So it will start with the production team, who will set-up and test all the equipment before the actual shoot is done; and then setting up of the lighting equipment; then you also apply make-up to the on-camera talents; and then there is blocking, there is practice; and then, you also have to think of the crowd control.

Another challenge is that, let’s say you’re in the middle of the shoot, a noisy vehicle or person, or animal passes by; then you have no choice but to cut and redo the shoot from the part where the noise came in. Actually the hardest challenge to counter during the production is the bad weather for outdoor shoots, because there’s really nothing that you can do about it. So the shoot has to stop and then you have to wait when the weather is already good, then you can do the shoot again. Unless there is a plan B on how you will do that particular scene that requires an outdoor shoot.

But then again, all the challenges actually, or most of the challenges, can be resolved by thorough planning. I always think of this learning from previous professors, not just in video production or in-production per se. But one of my professors always tell me think of 100 ways of how an event, particularly a production shoot can be halted, and think of 100 ways how these challenges can be overcome, and then you plan and you prepare. 

If you need to have many plans, not just plan B or C, but plans A, B, C, or D, go for it; because that’s how production is really done, as per my experience, from being then a production student, to being a multimedia designer and producer. 

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