FASTLearn Episode 10 – What is Mental Health?


What is Mental Health? 

Well, mental health is actually state of well being which the individual realizes his or her own abilities someone who can cope with normal stresses of life and can work productively and fruitfully and someone who may contribute to the community. This is actually the definition of WHO (World Health Organization) and it compasses the Expression and Management of Emotions, Cognition and Behavior, and to include values as well as social occupational management of skills that is needed for survival.


Why is Mental Health Important? 

Well mental health is important because every stage of our life we are suffering from different kinds of stress different sources of stress environment, We have also stress from. For example, student sources of stress in the school, we have the traffic right now and in our work we have to travel and getting transportation is very difficult and gasoline now is really getting expensive. 

So it’s very important for us to be able to maintain our Equilibrium, You know equilibrium is the balance so that we will be able to cope, Coping is very important so that we will not breakdown it is also important to integrate this program in public health so it will be accessible to other people because there is a tendency to have a stigma attached to mental health and they think they go to Psychiatrist or psychologist there’s something wrong with you but nowadays we have to promote mental health in a preventive manner so we will be mentally healthy. 

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