FASTLearn Episode 4: Understanding No-code and its Benefits

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What is No-Code?

No-code is a way to build things without really knowing how to code by using different kind of tools and create things, automate things.


What can be the easiest way to start doing no-code?

Start to solve your own problems, I would say. Because you have a problem that you want to solve, you will be the best person to do it. And I think Google is your friend and you have a lot of communities, you can ask help for as well. Everything is online, you can learn and get help from people.


Give us three popular examples of No-code platforms.

Well, the first one I would say is Bubble to make your own website, apps, web apps and all in Bubble. Make to automate things such as connecting different platforms that you use. And the third, I use Noodl; it’s a same thing like web builder. 


How can it be useful to people especially those in the field of education? 

I think in education we can make more seamless interactions between teachers and students. Also trying to solve with ChatGPT that you can connect to Make. You can automate some process to give faster response to students. Also if they have some questions, you can train ChatGPT to give the most relevant answer to the student and quick feedback, you know. Especially in education, we have this new AI thing that come on top of No-Code that can be really efficient to teach.  

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