Basics of Learner Support | Dr. Joane V. Serrano


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  • Christopher Sapang

    Thank you so much Dr Serrano.. Indeed, coaching is a vital tool to achieve learning objectives and to galvanize further the learning instructions.

  • Ma. Teresa C. Liwanag

    Thank you very much Dr. Joane Serrano for the enlightening video. I really believe that every school offering online distance learning to learners should focus on providing the necessary learner support before, during and after their online studies or lessons to ensure the desired learning outcomes will be achieved and the learners receive all the benefits due them.
    Now that teachers are in preparation for the new normal classrooms where face-to-face teaching is not yet possible, they must put into consideration the various learners support they can extend to our young learners. Focus should not be confined with strategies to be used, rather more should be taken into consideration to setting up a supportive learning environment for learners.

  • marriez torreliza

    Thank you Dr Serrano.. Indeed, learner support should be continually improved knowing that the type of students and environment we have is constantly revolving and changing. Thus, if we want to ensure meaningful learning then we have to provide updated learner support as well.

  • Mary Grace Serrano

    Learner support is really necessary in the success of the teaching and learning process. This will help the learners in maximizing their full potential and be focused on their goals. This will also allow collaboration and communication among the learners and the teacher.

  • Jhonrey Peras

    I am grateful beyond measure for sharing this for us. It is indeed a vital component to meet the learners goals and objectives in their educational commitments.

  • Mary Grace Laroga Sagun

    Thank you Dr Serrano. Today, I have learned the basic reason why students should be called learners. Also, I learned that in ODel, the lense is shifted to the students. Learner centered strategy had been discussed religiously in bachelor years. However, this has been often neglected. Now with the current situation of the world, this will become a gateway ro learning in this process.


    Thank you , I learned so much about learner support and it will really help me to become a better teacher.

  • Jay R Cristobal

    First of all, thank you Dr. Serrano. This is very informative and timely because of the current situation.

  • Arnold Recinto

    Looking and delivering your lessons through the eyes of the learners would really help facilitate the learning process.

  • Evelyn Cajucom

    Thank you, Dr. Serrano. Distance education is a student-centered learning mode. Indeed, learner support in distance education is so important and that students must felt it in their self-paced learning experiences.


    Thank you so much, Dr. Serrano. It was a brief yet very informative discussion. Having learned about the topic, I was able to have a better understanding on the basics of learner support.

  • Myrna Enriquez

    Thank you, Dr. Serrano. At the end of the day, every learner’s needs and welfare is the top priority of every teacher in the learning process.

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