Study Skills | Dr. Joane V. Serrano


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  • Marlon Ranises

    Another substantial learning inputs from Dr. Joane Serrano on Study Skills. After watching the video, I made some reflections that if I want to finish this online course on time, I should embrace and be reminded always of the three study skills. In fact, ODeL is quite demanding especially to working professionals like me because it also requires focus and time management. I also agree to what she said that the expectations we are getting from ODeL are really far from the traditional educational set-up since ODeL facilitates independent learning. But I also believe that if know how to discipline yourself and invest in the three study skills, you will surely become successful in this endeavor.

    • Shylla Rose Laguador

      For full-time teachers like me, ODeL is both an opportunity to learn and a challenge to relearn. Sometimes, I think like the courses are predictable and simple. However, this particular MOOC in UP is very enriching in terms of my instructional skills.


    Self-management is as important as time-management in study skills. It about controlling on the abuse of what we are doing such as the use of technology. Without proper control, there might be an instance that we tend to divert our attention to not so important things rather than to an essential thing such as doing requirements in distance learning.

  • Mary Grace Serrano

    Study skills is another support that we can provide to the learners. we can give insights and tips about attention management, time management and note taking skills. These skills will help them in focusing on what they want to learn and accomplish for a particular time. Given flexible time to study, they will avoid the stress due to cramming and deadlines if they had learned these study skills.

  • Aurora Parumog

    Thanks Dr. Joanne V. Serrano for the valuable information you shared. I came to a realization that as an online student that dreams to pursue this program, I need to really focus and used this three critical study skills that are essential for us to become successful. Much appreciated! More power.

  • Ma. Teresa C. Liwanag

    Thank you much Dr. Serrano for the takeaways I gained from the video. Since this is my first time to take an online distance learning course, your inputs on the study skills needed to cope up with the demands of ODEL have helped me to reflect on my own shortcomings as ODEL learner.I really need to do a lot of catching up and improvement on my Attention Management, Time Management and Note taking strategies. I believe that following your guide and tips on developing better time/attention management and notetaking styles. By the way, mam I am now starting to employ the Cornell Notes System. Thanks a lot.

  • Evelyn T. Rabino

    Dr. Serrano’s learning inputs about study skills would guide the learners in ODel on how to go through it successfully. I was reminded more of the importance of attention management, time management and note taking skills in studying. Avoiding distractions will be of great help to accomplish something at the right time.

  • Leozel Joy M. Macua

    Indeed, it is true that online learning takes a lot of dedication and effort to finish the course. It is not just enrolling but to develop more effective study skills. This taught me how to be an efficient learner.

  • Leonora Sibayan

    Living in an Era where destruction is very abundant is hard. After watching the video, I made a reflection and found out that I’m the one who has no focus and easily destructed by what’s surrounding me. I have to strictly follow these tips for my goals in finishing my ODel course.

    Thank you for the tips Dr. Serrano.

  • Emily Jarme

    Study skills noted! Attention management, time management and effective note taking are indeed important in studying in ODEL. Thanks so much!


    Thank you so much, Dr. Serrano, for the very informative discussion on Study Skills. I will definitely use the three critical study skills in studying in ODEL. And as a teacher, I will teach my students with these study skills.


    A huge appreciation for your effort Dr. Serrano for making this very informative video. In this video I’ve learned many techniques and strategies on how to study and also how to teach my students. thank you very much

  • Sarah Grace S. Abisado (Talz)

    Attention management (determining which things are important to focus on), time management (keeping track of schedules via virtual or physical calendar), and effective note-taking. Thank you for these helpful tips, Dr. Serrano! 🙂

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