Coaching and Feedback | Dr. Joane V. Serrano

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  • Marlon Ranises

    Thank you for giving us this coaching and feedback learning session. Indeed, they are really important in fulfilling our educational success especially in this Open Distance e-Learning. It is one of the institutional supports UPOU is giving. Under the learner intake support, an academic guidance is provided through coaching and giving of assessment or feedback.

  • Carl Ivan Villanueva

    Very helpful discussion as an teacher who uses blended learning at school and as a student in UPOU as well. Thank you, Prof.

  • Marriez Torreliza

    thank you so much. Indeed coaching and feedback is important, these can be incredibly useful if people want to grow.


    Coaching and feedback are two important things in Learner Support especially in distance learning. Coaching is different from teaching. It is letting students work on their own but teachers must still guide students. Feedback on the other hand must be provided to students for them to know their status in terms of distance learning.

  • Mary Grace Serrano

    Coaching and feedback are two important activities in learner support. Coaching is helping students learn independently and improve their performance in a certain activity. It helps the learners in achieving their learning goals. Teachers as coach allow students to find answers on their own through investigating and researching. Feedback on the other hand refines students’ performance. it is the giving of comments and suggestions on how to improve the learners’ works. It is necessary that teachers give personalized feedback rather than number or letter grades only. In doing so, teachers are opening the lines of communication for the students to ask questions or make clarifications. Feedback can also be from their co-learners, from the community or from the learners.

  • Kevin Cecilio

    Coaching and feedback are important part of learning. We should help students with our expertise to improve their skills and performances. I agree that It is definitely a good habit of a teacher/educator to find out things or solutions.

  • Myrna Pedido

    Thank you for a very informative lessons on how toconduct effective coaching and feedbacks to our learners.

  • Ma. Teresa C. Liwanag

    Coaching and feedback are needed to maximize learning in the classroom, much more in a distance learning set-up. Most especially now that online distance learning is possibly needed due to the effect of the pandemic, every teacher should have this mindset. Every teacher should learn to embrace the idea that he is also a coach to his learners, helping them to learn independently and not to rely much on teacher’s inputs. Every teacher, indeed must guide every learner to maximize their full potentials and prepare them for the next level success.

  • marygracebagtas

    Salute !thank you for interesting topics learn a lot about learners support. helping student to stands independently and develop their knowledge and skills

  • Leonora Sibayan

    Thank you, Dr. Serrano. Coaching and feedback are very important in learning most especially in distance learning. This video reminds me that I’m not here to teach only but to coach and push my learners to meet their goals. And to do this, I need to give feedback for them to know if they are doing it right. Embrace the changes that will help the learners to do their job independently to enhance their knowledge and skills.

  • Emily Jarme

    Thank you, so much Dr. Serrano. Coaching learners may be tough at certain times, but fulfilling when they achieve the learning objectives. Feedbacking , on the other hand, can really aid in improving the learning and learning process.

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