Developing a Learning Mindset Through Self-Learning Inventory | Dr. Joane V. Serrano

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  • Marlon Ranises

    Thank you for reminding us through this video that sometimes, we need to cherish our individual accomplishments. We already acknowledged our differences, uniqueness as a person, and understand that we have our limitations which means, we acknowledge that we don’t have an on-the-spot learning inventory but we need to work on it through having a learning mindset.


      agree with you sir, all of us our unique individual and we also need to respect our differences. this video is very helpful

  • Wena Alcantara

    Thank you for sharing this video. Indeed a learner should be able to set their objectives and understand what they are learning.


    I concur that we must understand that learners are not “zero-knowledge”. Since our curriculum is spiral, meaning, they have already learned something in a simplest way or concept from what we are teaching now which maybe just a a complicated concepts. That is why, activating their schema is very important for them to unleash in the learning they gained and stored in their memory. That’s how a teacher must support his/her learners.

  • Mary Grace Serrano

    Every learner is unique and that they have different skills and other attributes. As such, they also have different needs that we teachers should addressed. They also have different experiences and prior knowledge. it is important that we assess what are their prior knowledge and ask their anticipation about the subject. At the end of the lesson, let them react as to whether their anticipations are correct or not. In this manner, we are supporting them to be independent and active learners.

  • Shylla Rose Laguador

    The video is worth sharing. As a teacher, I am reminded to consider the individual differences of my students and to always recognize not only their success but also the little efforts they are putting to complete the tasks given to them.

  • Myrna Pedido

    Thank you for the new learned lessons about Developing a Learning Mindset.Educators must be the first one to motivate or encourage the students in indulging into a new learnings by letting them realize their worth,talents and previous learned knowledge and skills.

  • Ma. Teresa C. Liwanag

    Indeed, each of us is completely unique. Every learner has his own set of skills and attributes. Educators should help learners to develop a growth mindset and inculcate in them the idea that intelligence and skills can be cultivated , the more learning they do, the smarter they become and that successes come to those who are hardworking
    Thank you very much mam for this enlightening video.

  • Naima Macaya

    Thank you for reminding me that I needed to cherish my ability beacause as of now I needed to develop my learning mindset.

  • Regine Abalajen

    There are two things that piqued my interest in this video. First is making our learners realize that they know what they already know. Second is creating the Self-Learning Inventory to develop a learning mindset. It motivated me to think back of my past experiences and achievements–even the little ones, to create my own inventory. Thanks for sharing!

  • Leozel Joy Macua

    Thank you so much for providing us meaningful insights. This reminds us that our duty as a teacher is not just mere feeding off concepts.

  • gush lanzar

    good morning to all
    this program is so amazing it is a type of reflection towards learning. being a teacher education reflection is needed before we need to think and reflect after sharing our ideas to our students by knowing the feedback of our students so that you can know your strength and weakness so that you can develop more upon your strength and redeveloping your weakness instead of deleting them in that way you can be succeed and and be a successful teacher in the future.


    thank you for sharing this video Prof Serrano ….yes it is really true that many of our students have prior…. but Alvin Toffler said “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” therefore we should remind our learners to reevaluate their learnings that would eventually develop their life skills

  • Andrew Roxas

    Indeed, we are not a tabula rasa as we become part of our environment and family. We learn as grow. I like the idea of learning from coffee with friends or even from simple observation from family members… with these there is no such thing as monopoly of knowledge.

  • Emily Jarme

    Yes, Every learner has his unique skills and potentials, and learning process must be supported through groups, and other practical ways. And cherishing our accomplishments increases our motivation to continue in our field.


    Indeed, we are all unique individuals with different personalities, abilites, skills and aptitudes. Teachers should really know the nature of the learners to be able to cater their diverse learnng needs. Thank you for this wonderful discussion, Dr. Serrano!


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